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We decided to set up a support group for information as we felt isolated, scared and very frightened after we had  such extensive surgery and a shock diagnosis. We badly needed to talk with other Ladies who had been through the same diagnosis and surgery we had all been through. 

This website was set up out of respect for all ladies who have struggled with vulval cancer, and the other vulval diseases and disorders, and have also had to go through vulva surgery, to all you ladies who have had the same diagnosis

There is Hope! Please do not ever give up. There is personal support for you!

 You can and will survive this along with all the other Ladies Worldwide who are also surviving Vulval Cancer!

To contact VACO please email  and we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 2./3 days.  I


Thank you!


 Information for Carer's at the following link

Read what the experts say!!!

Cancer of the vulva is relatively rare, affecting in the main, women over the age of 60, although younger women can still present with pre-invasive and invasive vulval cancer.

The exact cause of vulval cancer is at present unknown, but several risk factors have been suggested including: chronic inflammatory vulval disorders, benign inflammatory conditions, Human Papilloma Virus infection, advanced age, smoking and environmental factors.

Vulval cancer can present with a number of symptoms. Whilst itching is the most common indication of an early cancer, it can also signify a number of other, non-malignant vulval conditions and as such requires the early attention of a medical practitioner. The most common symptom of vulval cancer is a mass or a lump, associated with itching.

Other symptoms may include bleeding, discharge and a degree of vulval pain and/or painful intercourse. As a result of recent Government policy all women suspected as having a vulval cancer by their General Practitioner must be referred to a Gynaecologist and an appointment made, to be seen within two weeks.

Treatment for vulval cancer includes surgery, radiotherapy and occasionally chemotherapy, and is dependant upon the clinical stage of the cancer. Treatment is planned on an individual basis, taking into account the wishes and concerns of each woman

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Bernie's Story


Welcome to the VACO website! Please take a few minutes to read Bernie's open and honest account of what it was like to care for Jenny, who had been diasgnosed with Vulval cancer. Bernie kindly agreed for his personal experience as a full time carer to be added to the website in the hope, what he went through as a carer will be able to be related to by many other carers, who have also had to face this devastating time. I am sure Bernie's very personal, open very frank account will help other carers to fully understand how difficult this time can be,and especially if there is no support put in place to help the family to get through this very sad time.


Bernie hopes his own personal experience will give all the carers the strength to get through this time and also make them to realise,  how normal it is to think as Bernie was thinking!


It is very brave of Bernie to speak as openly as he did and I urge you to read his story and see for yourself how being a carer affects every aspect of your day to day living.


The link to Bernies Story can be read at the following link...   and please, do pass this on to any carer you know as I feel very strongly that all those who do read Bernie's story will be able to relate to this in their own lives and it will be a great encouragement to them all.


Thank you!

New Information


This paragraph of the website will now bring to your attention any new information which is due to be added to the website, so please always check back to see what new information is being added on a regular basis. Thank you for your patience!


VACO would like to thank Shewee for their very recent generous donation and continued support


All the Ladies from VACO would like to thank for succeeding in making the Shewee available on prescriptions from your GP or you can also ask the ward which you will be admitted too to order you one.


They can easily order one for you and the order No for Shewee on the Drug Tariff is SW01


Do not allow anyone to fob you off when you request one, although you may have to wait a couple of days for the order to come through.

Shewee are, at this moment taking measures to make sure all GP's PCT - hospitals are aware this is now available for them to order for their patients on the NHS and the drug number for ordering them is being circulated to them all.


It is worth noting, if you do have to pay for your prescriptions it will be cheaper to order your shewee from the order line at  Also check this page out for suppliers up and down the country

After April 1st all cancer patients will not have to pay for their prescriptions. You can obtain your exemption corticated by filling in form FP92A  from your GP and handing it back to your surgery where you Doctor will sign your form and then post if on for you.


For more information please see

If you live outside the UK please see the following link for world stockist


Please take some time out to read Sheilas updated experience which can be found at the following link....


Thank You! 


Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer 


 We do not encourage you to self-diagnose your symptoms and would encourage you to work with your Doctor (GP or specialist) to find the best treatment for you. All content within this website is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional.


Always consult your own GP if you're in any way concerned about your health.


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